Bumble’s Bag #1


Hello Bumbletons!

So, to kickstart my blog I thought I would share with you a deep, intimate and slightly dirty insight into the life of Bumble… with a look at the contents of my handbag! 😉

This is what I found, having not cleared out my work handag for over a month… (On top of my usual phone, keys, work ID and purse!)Bumble_Bag_1

1. Stationary – Eight, yes count ’em, EIGHT pens.. And yet I can never find one when I need one.

2. Jewellery  – My cute trinket box containing a few pairs of earrings – Left in my bag after it was taken out for a girls night out!

3. Beauty supplies – A foldaway hairbrush; Pink mirror; A tube of foundation; Facial Powder; and Two identical concealers!

4. Drugstore – Nasal Spray (after a particularly annoying cold!); Tissues; Gum; Antibac hand gel (Can’t live without!); Lemsip and painkillers…

5. Sweet Shop – Sweetie wrappers and a candy cane from the Christmas goodies at work.

6. Hairdressers – Snaps, Grips and Bobbles – These are as elusive as the pens!

7. Current Fave – Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Repair cream – A must have for my bag.. works magic on cracked lips, dry hands, sore noses!

8. Lip Love – FOUR different lip balms and two lip butters… so THAT’S where they’ve all been hiding.

9. Happy Hands – A gorgeous handcream, which smells like dessert – yummy.

10. Odds and Ends – A packaway bag and some winter essential gloves.

11. Work Stowaways- These little critters invade my life – they are picture symbols, used as a communication tool by the guys I work with.

12. Accessories – A spare watch… Just incase my usual one runs off?

Needless to say, I purged the contents and now have a much cleaner, lighter handbag!

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx


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