Review ¦ Rimmel Precious Stones – Nail Polish


Good Afternoon Bumbletons!

Now, I’ve never really been much of a ‘nails’ kinda gal, but when I saw the ‘Precious Stones’ polishes by Rimmel, I didn’t hesitate in buying both colours – ‘Ruby Crush’ and ‘Diamond Dust’.SAM_0720

At £3.99 a bottle, they’re not too much of a splurge yet feel like a complete luxury. The ‘Ruby Crush’ is my favourite shade and has been perfect for the Christmas holidays.

I used ‘No.7 Stay Perfect’ in the ‘Rose Truffle’ shade as a base coat and then applied a single coat of the Rimmel Precious Stones. It applied fairly evenly, helped I think by the generous sized and tapered shaped brush. I did have to do a little ‘dabbing’ with the brush to evenly distribute the glitter, but in all honesty it only took the tiniest bit of effort.Rimmel_Precious_Stones

I’m really pleased with the result – I’ll let you know how well it wears, whether it chips much and so on, however one of the benefits to glitter polishes is that they are super easy to retouch if you do smudge or chip!


So, now I just need to find the secret to removing glitter nail polishes – the bane of any girls life! Any suggestions?

Ciao for now!

 xx Bumble Bree xx


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