Review ¦ Crest 3D Whitestrips – 2 Hour Express (Single Use)


Hello Bumbletons!

First a little background (dental) history… As a child I had brilliant teeth; I went for regular check ups and have never needed a single filling, bridge or cap. I did chip one of my front teeth falling over once and one of my bottom teeth is slightly wonky (personally I like this – it adds character!), but other than that, my dentist always commented on how great a condition my teeth were in and off I would trot with a big sticker, and ironically, a lollipop!

I brushed my teeth twice a day and had a high calcium diet – admittedly, I did eat a few too many sweets,  but I rarely drank fizzy drinks, and never touched tea or coffee and obviously did not smoke or drink red wine…

Then, as a university student, I started drinking a LOT of Coke…  I told myself I “needed” the caffiene and sugar, and as I have never been a coffee fan, I figured Coca-cola was the next best thing. Suffice to say, my pearly whites, after 3 years of being a coke-swilling-university-student, were not so pearly white!

Since then, I have tried every whitening toothpaste around and my twice-daily dental hygiene routine now includes an electric toothbrush, floss, interdental brushes, and industrial strength mouthwash… but still I felt my teeth were a bit on the yellow side.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was watching one of my favourite YouTube Beauties, TessChristine123, and saw THIS video pop up – in it, she talks about how she whitens her teeth using Crest 3D Whitestrips.

I decided to pop on over to Ebay and buy a single use pack for £6.91 (HERE)… and now here I am reviewing them!

So here are my thoughts on Crest 3D Whitestrips – 2 Hour Express

The Packaging:

My Whitestrips arrived in a little card holder, complete with instruction booklet. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow and underneath is a section for “Frequently Asked Question” to alleviate any concerns users may have. I liked the fact that the strips come in their own, individual foil packet – you could easily bulk buy a few and take them with you when travelling.PRODUCT (3)


In a pack you get two strips – one for your upper teeth and one for your lower set. These are both on the same piece of plastic and are super easy to peel off for application. Crest 3D packaging

To apply, you take a strip (the booklet recommends you do the bottom set first, i.e the shorter strip), peel it from the backing, then align the straight edge with the gumline of your teeth.. like so..APPLICATION (2)

Then you just fold over the top piece (with the triangular notches), repeat with the top strip and wait for 2 hours!


Now let’s be honest – Wearing teeth whitening strips is hardly glamourous… but I was still able to talk on the phone whilst wearing them with no problems and had my housemates seen me wearing them, I wouldn’t have died from embarrassment!


Some of the product reviews I read online, before purchasing the strips, mentioned discomfort whilst wearing the strips and some sensitivity afterwards. Now – whilst wearing, I can honestly say I felt no discomfort at all. Infact, at one point I forgot I was wearing them and made myself a sandwich, oops!  They did make my mouth water quite a lot to start with (gross, I know, sorry!), but after a few minutes this stopped.

However… (bearing in mind I have quite sensitive teeth anyway..) A few hours later, my teeth felt quite sensitive and tingly, as though I was repeatedly biting into an ice lolly. It wasn’t bad enough to prevent me from talking, eating or drinking, but it was a bit annoying and bothered me a bit whilst trying to fall asleep.

I found the top strip was the perfect length and covered all my front teeth and along the sides where my “smile” shows. The bottom strip, however, was a little bit short – I would have liked it to go further around the sides of my teeth, but I suppose the strips are only really meant for the teeth you show when you do a normal smile, which they do.



If I’m honest, I’m a bit disappointed with the results! I took the photos in the exact same lighting – the only difference  is that I was wearing Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Repair Cream on my lips in the “before” photos, hence why they look slightly darker:
before and after Crest 3D

The strips have lightened my teeth a little – I think it’s more noticeable in “Real Life” rather than on screen (apologies for my shocking quality of photo and chapped lips!!). I wasn’t exactly amazed by the results, or rewarded with bright white gnashers as I thought I would be.

Therefore, I have also purchased the “Crest 3D White –  Professional Effects Strips”, which are worn for 30 minutes a day for 14 days. I feel that with a longer period of time, I will have better results – I will review those too!


I give these an overall 5/10.

They were reasonably priced (no more than some whitening toothpastes), easy to apply and had minimal side effects. Whilst I don’t have a blindingly white smile now, I do feel that at least my teeth look properly clean and that the yellowness has been slightly muted.

I think someone who hasn’t abused their teeth with coca-cola for several years (and therefore have lots of staining to overcome) would have better results and I think that for the same price (£6.91) as a couple of drinks down the pub, they’re worth a try!

So, has anyone else had better luck with these strips? Please let me know in the comments below!

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx


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