Review ¦ Rimmel Metal Rush – Nail Polish


Hello Bumbletons!

Since my ‘Accidental Haul‘ earlier this week, I have been desperate to try out the new Rimmel Metal Rush Polish I came home with.

I picked up a bottle of “Pearly Queen”, and at only £3.99 a bottle, had to restrain myself from buying all four of the set.

Shade No.100, Pearly Queen

Shade No.100, Pearly Queen

Pearly Queen is the least understated of the four shades, however I love the subtlety of the colour combinations. True to the “Flip Your Colour” statement on the bottle, the pearlescent nature of the varnish makes your nails shimmer a purpley pink, then green, then lilac, all with a silvery undertone.

So, ready for this evening, I popped on a slick of “Collection 2000, 2-in-1 base coat” and then applied two coats of Pearly Queen. I finished off with a coat of the ‘Collection 2000, 2-in-1 topcoat” for some extra shine (and hopefully less chipping!).

nails in Pearly Queen

Yet again, Rimmel have produced an excellent quality product – The brush is a generous size (I painted my entire pinky finger nail with one stroke) and combined with a decent thickness of varnish leaves a gorgeous no-streak finish. Whilst the polish is shimmery, I wanted a glossier finish, which was easily obtained with a quick slick of clear topcoat – perfect!

My, oh my! How I LOVE this polish!! I think it’s the perfect touch for a classy New Years Eve look (and if you’re speedy, there is still time to whizz out and grab a bottle before you start getting ready to put on your gladrags for tonight!)

So, have any of the Metal Rush polishes have caught your eye?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx


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