Top Tips ¦ Nails #1 – How to Check if your Nail Varnish is Dry!


Howdy-diddly Bumbletons!

How often have you seen a really good health or beauty tip and thought “Ohh, I MUST remember that…” and then filed it away into the wicker basket compartment of your mind… whereby it floats away, never to be remembered?.. Well, maybe that’s just me!

Over the past few months I’ve been mentally hoarding lots of tips and tricks… so I thought I would start a little series here, just incase they are of use to anyone else!

Top Tip for Nails #1…. How to Check if your Nail Varnish is Dry.

On far more occasions than I care to remember, I’ve painstakingly painted my nails, waited for what I felt was a reasonable amount of time for them to dry.. and then managed to smudge them! It’s infuriating! Especially if you’re running late..

Well, fear not Bumbletons, I have found a quick and easy test that has never failed me:

Top Tip for Nails #1

1. Take one finger from each hand and tap the two nails GENTLY together (note the emphasis on the word *gently* guys and gals!).

2. repeat this finger by finger (i.e. pinky-nail to pinky-nail, etc, through to thumb-nail to thumb-nail)

Are my nails dry?!

 IF you feel even the slightest little bit of tackiness or resistance, your nails are still ever so slightly wet, sorry! Your nails are DRY when there is no tackiness or resistence.

If you have any more tips for checking that nails are dry, please share away in the comments below 🙂

Stay tuned for Top Tip #2…

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx


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