Review ¦ Lush “Catastrophe Cosmetic” Fresh Face Mask


Hello Bumbletons!

Now, I don’t know about you guys but the whole holiday season really does not do wonders for my skin. A few far too many mince pies and chocolates; an evening Baileys becoming the norm; staying up late to catch up with friends and wrap presents; freezing-outdoors-to-central-heated-indoors temperature fluctuations; and the general stress and mayhem of preparing for Christmas does not bode well for my already tempermental skin!

So when a friend recommended the Lush Fresh Face Masks to me, I wanted to try one out for myself.

Lush Fresh Face Masks

Lush have a range of 9 different Fresh Face Masks, each designed for different skin types or to combat different problems. For example, BB Seaweed is designed to soften and cool skin, whilst reducing redness; Brazened Honey detoxes dull skin to restore radiance; And Oatfix is designed to brighten and nourish dry skin.

Seeing how my skin really was feeling catastrophic, I decided to give Catastrophe Cosmetic a try! It is sold as a deep cleansing mask, packed full of blueberrys (natural antioxidants) and oils (Rose absolute and chammomile to reduce redness) to help soothe whilst cleaning.

As soon as I smelled Catastrophe Cosmetic in the Lush store, I knew I was onto a winner – it smells divine and I couldn’t wait to get home and smother my face with it… (Which got me thinking – when will it be socially acceptable to wear face masks shopping?)


Price – At £5.75 for a little 75g pot, these do feel like quite an expensive purchase to someone who has only ever used the occasional face mask. However, a little goes a long way – I got 7 applications out of my pot and certainly didn’t skimp on product! This works out at 83p per application, which is 17% cheaper (for my budgeting brainy beauties!) than the “£1 a pack” facemasks you can buy and which ususally contain lots of excess chemicals.

Application –  The soft, clay-like texture of the mask makes it really easy to apply and washes off of your hands with just warm water.


Wearing – The Fresh Face Masks are preservative free (hooray for natural products!) and  have to be kept in the fridge – Thus, my puffy face felt instantly calmed and refreshed after applying. It starts to dry quite quickly and does become rather cakey – like most face masks makes your face feel quite taut – I found that talking whilst wearing the mask resulted in tiny blue/green flakes falling all over my bed linen oops!

Results – After 15 minutes, I used a flannel and some warm water to gently wipe away the dried mask and instantly my skin look radiant and more nourished!

Things to Note – When buying this mask the lovely customer assistant did warn me that the properties of the mask would bring out any blemishes to the skin and start drying them out, thus it was a good idea to use it regularly to see the most benefits and I have to agree – After the first couple of uses, my skin did break out quite a bit more than usual. However, every time since then my skin has just had a gorgeous glow to it and any occasional blemishes I do get seem to get dried out much more quickly after using the mask.

Rating / Will I re-purchase? – 7/10 (it would be 10/10 if it wasn’t for the high price and blemish break outs!) and I have already repurchased!

So, have you tried any of the Lush Fresh Face Masks? Which one is your favourite?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

PS – Lush are also super generous as well as organic, cruelty free and environmentally friendly… They will trade in 5 of your empty face mask pots for a brand new Fresh Face Mask – fabulous!


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