Wishlist ¦ January Pay Day


Good Morning my Beautiful Bumbletons!

Only 21 sleeps until my first Pay Day of 2013!!

Sadly, I didn’t rack up any overtime in December, as I decided to take a month from working every possible hour to actually have a social life (ok, ok.. and sleep!), so I will hardly be buying out Tiffany’s at the end of the month. However, there are a few things that I have been oggling since before Christmas that I have decided to treat myself to in a couple of weeks..

Hunter Wellies.. Original Tall boot in Navy... (or Aubergine!)

Hunter Wellies.. Original Tall boot in Navy… £79.00

Of course, I will need something cosy to keep my toes warm whilst wearing my Navy Hunters!…

Ivory Cable Cuff Sock, £28.00

Ivory Cable Cuff Sock, £28.00

After discovering the Real Techniques Makeup Brush range and buying myself the powder and blush brushes, I have been lusting over their two collection sets – The Core Collection and Starter Set:

Core collection, £21.99

Core collection, £21.99 at Boots.co.uk

The Core Collection includes four brushes specifically for applying foundation; buffing; contouring; and a detailer brush for concealer or lip products.

Starter Set, £21.99

Starter Set, £21.99

The Starter Set comes with 5 brushes designed for perfectly applying eye makeup. Both collections come with a 2-in-one stand and carry case!

And finally, three slighty less pricey products that I am eager to try…

January1So, what are you beauties wishing for this month?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx


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