I’ve Been AWOL!


Hello Bumbletons!

Well I’ve been AWOL the past 10 days or so – our internet decided to cut out for most of that time, but it is all up and running again now hurrah!

I also had an EPIC blonde moment – I wrote a whole host of posts and ‘scheduled’ them to post up over this week.. and just realised they never posted as I set the schedule dates to 2014.. doh!

All I can blame it on is the snow – we’ve had the odd couple of inches here and there and has been hovering around the Zero degrees mark for most of the past week. Has made for some interesting days at work with my young adults who just LOVE being outdoors, even in the snow. Thank goodness for wellies, thick socks, wooly hats and thermal layers!

So much to update on – Makeup and Nail varnish reviews (including my first ESSIE polish oooh) to come this week. I’m also starting a new ‘health and fitness’ regular post.. very excited about that one!

Stay tuned…

Ciao for Now!

xx Bumble Bree xx


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