New Year – New Me ¦ My Goals.. What and Why?


Hey Bumbletons!

So, now that I have told you all about how I am going to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you may be wondering WHAT I am hoping to achieve and WHY?

So firstly, WHY do I want to start eating more healthily and exercising more?


Reason #1 :

I have signed up for quite a few charity events in 2013 including:

Currently I would be unable to even run the 5K Race for Life comfortable, which is slightly embarrassing, let alone hike 27 miles in 12 hours or participate in the commando challenge. I want to increase my fitness levels and not only take part in, but ENJOY, these three charity events.

Reason #2:

I work with young adults with autism – I absolutely adore these guys, they’re brilliant. However, sometimes they struggle to communicate effectively, become frustrated and as can sometimes display challenging behaviours, such as grabbing.  Some of these YA’s are larger than me and whilst I have had training in order to help de-escalate situations and to physically intervene in way that is safe for my YA’s and myself, I occasionally feel that I am not strong enough to use these physical intervention techniques as effectively as I could. One example, is that if a YA is particuarly upset and grabs, pushing me against a wall for example, I do not have enough upper body strength to counter their weigh and move them away from me. Thankfully I am part of a great team, who I trust and who I know are there to support me when I need a hand in such situations!

Reason #3:

Confidence – When I was down to 170lbs last summer I felt amazing and had a ton more energy. I felt so much more confident in myself and want to feel that way again. It wasn’t because I looked in the mirror and felt less “fat”, but because I was fitter, could keep up with the YAs at work when out for runs etc and enjoyed exercising!

Reason #4:

I am an unhealthy weight for my height. My body fat percentage is currently 28.7%. This is not healthy – I want to live longer and in order to do so I need to be a healthy weight and have enough body fat to keep my organs working and muscles functioning, but not so much that I am classed as over weight!

So.. WHAT do I hope to achieve?

#1 – Lose the weight that has crept back on over winter. I’m not one to set numbers and timelines as I mentioned in THIS post.. However, in an ideal world, I would like to get back down to the 170lbs mark sometime in the summer!

#2 – Fit back into the gorgeous board shorts I bought myself last summer!

#3 – Be fit enough to run a 5K comfortably (Race for Life)

#4– Join a couple of exercise classes, start to ENJOY being active! Make this a lifestyle rather than a fad diet!

#5 – Fuel my body with nourishing food – Stop overeating for comfort, due to stress, because I am tired, etc. Drink more water, eat more veggies!

#6 – Sign up for a Personal Trainer (have an intro session tomorrow, eek!) and LEARN TO LIFT! I am so excited about this one, I’m such a weakling hehe!

So, those are my fitness and health goals for the next few months… Anyone else making some healthier lifestyle choices this year?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx



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