Hello Bumbletons!

I’m Bree, a 23 year old gal, currently living near to London, (UK) and work full time in a care/education role. I’ve only really ‘discovered’ and started using skin, hair and makeup products over the last year in an attempt to look less like I’ve been dragged through a bush on a daily basis.

This blog also has a twin over on Blogger, on which I post the exact same posts, just in a different format for those who blog through Blogger instead.. Just thought I’d mention this after a friend of mine saw both and rang me up, worried that someone was plagarising me 🙂

My Vital Statistics

Height and Size

I’m 5 ft 10 and with a curvy “eaten a few too many kit kats” figure, I always used to struggle to find fashion I felt comfortable in. However, with a move from “student” to “young professional” this year, I wanted to stop dressing in ill fitting, unflattering clothes and started researching which colours, shapes and styles are the most suitable (and fun to wear!) for my shape.


I am fair skinned and only tend to break out when I’m run down or dehydrated. According to the ladies at Clinique, I have normal skin, with a slighty oilier T-Zone! Who knew?


Naturally blonde and straight.

My hair is super fine and although it’s quite long, i.e past my shoulders, I don’t have a lot of it – when in a ponytail, the thickness of the ponytail where the band cinches is about the size of a 20p coin!


 Blue! I also get dark circles when I’m dehydrated and tired.

Why am I here?

Most of what I have picked up along the way has been from watching the odd Youtube video, clicking around on Pinterest and reading Blogs of some fabulous girlies. So I thought I’d hop on the beauty bandwagon and give my two-pence worth to share some thoughts on products I’ve enjoyed and styles I am loving.

In all honesty, most days I don’t have a clue what I’m doing in terms of hair, makeup and wardrobe – so feel free to join me as I Bumble along in the world of Beauty.

Ciao for now!

 xx Bumble Bree xx

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