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You Are What You Eat…


Hey Bumbletons!

A little motivation for ditching the junk and eating more healthily today…


I have now done three food shops in the new year and the only “rubbish” I have come home with was a box of weight watchers mini brownie bakes (88 calories a piece). And I still have 3/5 left in the pack..!

So far today I have eaten Banana and Blueberry pancakes with a berry-oat smoothie for breakfast, a handful of mixed nuts and Salmon Salad for lunch – yummy! And a far cry from my previous days full of chocolate, crisps, bread and chips!

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

New Year – New Me ¦ My Goals.. What and Why?


Hey Bumbletons!

So, now that I have told you all about how I am going to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you may be wondering WHAT I am hoping to achieve and WHY?

So firstly, WHY do I want to start eating more healthily and exercising more?


Reason #1 :

I have signed up for quite a few charity events in 2013 including:

Currently I would be unable to even run the 5K Race for Life comfortable, which is slightly embarrassing, let alone hike 27 miles in 12 hours or participate in the commando challenge. I want to increase my fitness levels and not only take part in, but ENJOY, these three charity events.

Reason #2:

I work with young adults with autism – I absolutely adore these guys, they’re brilliant. However, sometimes they struggle to communicate effectively, become frustrated and as can sometimes display challenging behaviours, such as grabbing.  Some of these YA’s are larger than me and whilst I have had training in order to help de-escalate situations and to physically intervene in way that is safe for my YA’s and myself, I occasionally feel that I am not strong enough to use these physical intervention techniques as effectively as I could. One example, is that if a YA is particuarly upset and grabs, pushing me against a wall for example, I do not have enough upper body strength to counter their weigh and move them away from me. Thankfully I am part of a great team, who I trust and who I know are there to support me when I need a hand in such situations!

Reason #3:

Confidence – When I was down to 170lbs last summer I felt amazing and had a ton more energy. I felt so much more confident in myself and want to feel that way again. It wasn’t because I looked in the mirror and felt less “fat”, but because I was fitter, could keep up with the YAs at work when out for runs etc and enjoyed exercising!

Reason #4:

I am an unhealthy weight for my height. My body fat percentage is currently 28.7%. This is not healthy – I want to live longer and in order to do so I need to be a healthy weight and have enough body fat to keep my organs working and muscles functioning, but not so much that I am classed as over weight!

So.. WHAT do I hope to achieve?

#1 – Lose the weight that has crept back on over winter. I’m not one to set numbers and timelines as I mentioned in THIS post.. However, in an ideal world, I would like to get back down to the 170lbs mark sometime in the summer!

#2 – Fit back into the gorgeous board shorts I bought myself last summer!

#3 – Be fit enough to run a 5K comfortably (Race for Life)

#4– Join a couple of exercise classes, start to ENJOY being active! Make this a lifestyle rather than a fad diet!

#5 – Fuel my body with nourishing food – Stop overeating for comfort, due to stress, because I am tired, etc. Drink more water, eat more veggies!

#6 – Sign up for a Personal Trainer (have an intro session tomorrow, eek!) and LEARN TO LIFT! I am so excited about this one, I’m such a weakling hehe!

So, those are my fitness and health goals for the next few months… Anyone else making some healthier lifestyle choices this year?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx


New Year, New Me ¦ Starting Stats – Weigh Day #1 & #2


Hey my Beautiful Bumbletons!

So, as you will have seen in THIS post, I am trying to move away from my old over-eating, under-exercising habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

As a point of reference, here are my starting stats.. (I did weigh in initiall on January 1st, but forgot to measure, oops!)

Weigh Days:

Weigh Day #1: Jan 1st – 192 lbs

Weigh Day #2: Jan 16th – 187.5lbs, (-4.5lbs)

Initial measurements (in centimetres):

























= Total loss of: – 12.5cm

Changes I have made so far:                                                        Challenges for the next 2 weeks: 

           – Drink 2 litres of water a day                                                      –  Drink an extra litre of water during workout

           – Eat 5 portions of fruit/veg a day                                                 – Eat 6 portions of fruit/veg a day

           – Go to the gym 5/6 times a week                                               – Continue to work out 5/6 times a week

           – Sign up for a Personal Trainer                                                  – Join 2 exercise clubs – yoga and kickboxing?

           – Cut out fizzy drinks (soda)                                                         – Continue to stay away from fizzy drinks!

I know it might all seem a little bit drastic, however I’m an “All or Nothing” kinda gal! So far, all I have really done is add water and fruits/veggies into my diet and cut out fizzy drinks and excessive junk food/takeaways. The major change has been hitting the gym 5-6 days a week, which I hope to continue with.. I figured I may as well start as I mean to go on!

I will be posting later today about my “calorie” goals and how I worked these out, etc, too, so stay tuned 🙂

Ciao for Now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

New Year, New Me!


Good Afternoon Beautiful Bumbletons!

As well as using this space as a place to ramble on about my day to day life activities, review the odd product, and act as a base to look up other bloggers, I would like to start a new series focusing on Health, Fitness and General Wellbeing

My ‘Health’ Background:

Coming into this world at around 9lbs, I was a bit of a big baby but slimmed out to be an average toddler. However, looking back at photos it seems that I have been overweight really from the age of 3.

Now, I have never been what one might call “sporty”. Yup, you guessed it – I was that fat kid at school who dreaded PE lessons and always tried to go for the Javelin or Shot-put slots on sports day!!

I remember once trying to do the 800 metre run on a P.E day aged about 14…. and finished last out of the other 60 girls in my year group. How disheartening.

At 5 ft 10inches, I am fortunate that I have always carried my extra weight fairly well – I have always had curves, albeit them a bit larger than I’d like them to be, however, I wouldn’t say I have ever been really fit and as healthy as I could be!

The Weight Roller Coaster:

So. In September 2011, I weighed 192lbs, joined a gym, ate healthily.. and by April 2012 I was down to about 170lbs… unfortunately, over the past 9 months (most of which were spent fairly stressed out with the start of a new job, moving house twice, dealing with a drug-addicted housemate – who is no longer my housemate! – and a whole host of other family issues) my weight has crept back up to the 190s.. oops!

New Year, New Me:

In all honesty, I am sick of “dieting”. I am fed up of having no self confidence. I envy “sporty” girls and dream of being one of those who participates in numerous exercise related activities (kayaking, kickboxing, even dare I say it, yoga). I aspire to one day be able to do more than 1 proper push up and laugh at the idea of being able to, heaven forbid, actually run a mile!

Therefore, I am going back on the healthy lifestyle wagon, and this time want to make it last!

This is not a diet. It is not a “1200 calories in a day” regime where I’m going to starve myself for 6 months, lose two stone and then pile it back on again. It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. I need to keep this up for the next 70 odd years (I hope!)

Wish me luck, and check back for the rest of this series…

Ciao for Now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

I’ve Been AWOL!


Hello Bumbletons!

Well I’ve been AWOL the past 10 days or so – our internet decided to cut out for most of that time, but it is all up and running again now hurrah!

I also had an EPIC blonde moment – I wrote a whole host of posts and ‘scheduled’ them to post up over this week.. and just realised they never posted as I set the schedule dates to 2014.. doh!

All I can blame it on is the snow – we’ve had the odd couple of inches here and there and has been hovering around the Zero degrees mark for most of the past week. Has made for some interesting days at work with my young adults who just LOVE being outdoors, even in the snow. Thank goodness for wellies, thick socks, wooly hats and thermal layers!

So much to update on – Makeup and Nail varnish reviews (including my first ESSIE polish oooh) to come this week. I’m also starting a new ‘health and fitness’ regular post.. very excited about that one!

Stay tuned…

Ciao for Now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

Haul #2 ¦ New Years Sale – Matalan Haul


Hello Bumbletons!

After work today I popped into Matalan to see if they had anything in their Half Price Sale.. I spent £33.50 and came home with some gorgeous bits, including a wool blend angora ‘fair isle’ style jumper that I had seen in the shop before Christmas. I had been crossing my fingers that it would appear in the sale and still be in stock in my size.. and it was! Woohoo!

Matalan 2ns Jan

1. These two gorgeous baskets were £5 each.. what a bargain! The print is reminiscent of these Cath Kidston cushions.

2. Cute gold sparkly earrings.. £1.50 (were £3.00)

3. Glass storage jar, £2.00. I have grand plans for this little jar… Mini Makeover project Coming Soon!

4. The comfiest slippers I have ever owned! £5.00 with a plush lining and adorned with the cutest little flowers, butterflies and buttons.

5. Long gold necklace – £3.00 (was £6.00). I hope to wear this to jazz up a couple of quite bland cream chiffon-y tops.

6. Angora blend Fair Isle Jumper – £9.00, (was £18.00) and I am totally in love. I am already planning how to style this to wear this weekend!

7. Beautiful silk blend tassled scarf. I have desperately wanted a silk blend scarf with gold thread sewn through and was thrilled to find this bargain for  £3.00, (was £6.00!)

Hooray for Matalan – Beauty on a budget, who can complain?

What were your favourite sale purchases this year?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

Review ¦ Lush “Catastrophe Cosmetic” Fresh Face Mask


Hello Bumbletons!

Now, I don’t know about you guys but the whole holiday season really does not do wonders for my skin. A few far too many mince pies and chocolates; an evening Baileys becoming the norm; staying up late to catch up with friends and wrap presents; freezing-outdoors-to-central-heated-indoors temperature fluctuations; and the general stress and mayhem of preparing for Christmas does not bode well for my already tempermental skin!

So when a friend recommended the Lush Fresh Face Masks to me, I wanted to try one out for myself.

Lush Fresh Face Masks

Lush have a range of 9 different Fresh Face Masks, each designed for different skin types or to combat different problems. For example, BB Seaweed is designed to soften and cool skin, whilst reducing redness; Brazened Honey detoxes dull skin to restore radiance; And Oatfix is designed to brighten and nourish dry skin.

Seeing how my skin really was feeling catastrophic, I decided to give Catastrophe Cosmetic a try! It is sold as a deep cleansing mask, packed full of blueberrys (natural antioxidants) and oils (Rose absolute and chammomile to reduce redness) to help soothe whilst cleaning.

As soon as I smelled Catastrophe Cosmetic in the Lush store, I knew I was onto a winner – it smells divine and I couldn’t wait to get home and smother my face with it… (Which got me thinking – when will it be socially acceptable to wear face masks shopping?)


Price – At £5.75 for a little 75g pot, these do feel like quite an expensive purchase to someone who has only ever used the occasional face mask. However, a little goes a long way – I got 7 applications out of my pot and certainly didn’t skimp on product! This works out at 83p per application, which is 17% cheaper (for my budgeting brainy beauties!) than the “£1 a pack” facemasks you can buy and which ususally contain lots of excess chemicals.

Application –  The soft, clay-like texture of the mask makes it really easy to apply and washes off of your hands with just warm water.


Wearing – The Fresh Face Masks are preservative free (hooray for natural products!) and  have to be kept in the fridge – Thus, my puffy face felt instantly calmed and refreshed after applying. It starts to dry quite quickly and does become rather cakey – like most face masks makes your face feel quite taut – I found that talking whilst wearing the mask resulted in tiny blue/green flakes falling all over my bed linen oops!

Results – After 15 minutes, I used a flannel and some warm water to gently wipe away the dried mask and instantly my skin look radiant and more nourished!

Things to Note – When buying this mask the lovely customer assistant did warn me that the properties of the mask would bring out any blemishes to the skin and start drying them out, thus it was a good idea to use it regularly to see the most benefits and I have to agree – After the first couple of uses, my skin did break out quite a bit more than usual. However, every time since then my skin has just had a gorgeous glow to it and any occasional blemishes I do get seem to get dried out much more quickly after using the mask.

Rating / Will I re-purchase? – 7/10 (it would be 10/10 if it wasn’t for the high price and blemish break outs!) and I have already repurchased!

So, have you tried any of the Lush Fresh Face Masks? Which one is your favourite?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

PS – Lush are also super generous as well as organic, cruelty free and environmentally friendly… They will trade in 5 of your empty face mask pots for a brand new Fresh Face Mask – fabulous!

Wishlist ¦ January Pay Day


Good Morning my Beautiful Bumbletons!

Only 21 sleeps until my first Pay Day of 2013!!

Sadly, I didn’t rack up any overtime in December, as I decided to take a month from working every possible hour to actually have a social life (ok, ok.. and sleep!), so I will hardly be buying out Tiffany’s at the end of the month. However, there are a few things that I have been oggling since before Christmas that I have decided to treat myself to in a couple of weeks..

Hunter Wellies.. Original Tall boot in Navy... (or Aubergine!)

Hunter Wellies.. Original Tall boot in Navy… £79.00

Of course, I will need something cosy to keep my toes warm whilst wearing my Navy Hunters!…

Ivory Cable Cuff Sock, £28.00

Ivory Cable Cuff Sock, £28.00

After discovering the Real Techniques Makeup Brush range and buying myself the powder and blush brushes, I have been lusting over their two collection sets – The Core Collection and Starter Set:

Core collection, £21.99

Core collection, £21.99 at

The Core Collection includes four brushes specifically for applying foundation; buffing; contouring; and a detailer brush for concealer or lip products.

Starter Set, £21.99

Starter Set, £21.99

The Starter Set comes with 5 brushes designed for perfectly applying eye makeup. Both collections come with a 2-in-one stand and carry case!

And finally, three slighty less pricey products that I am eager to try…

January1So, what are you beauties wishing for this month?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

Top Tips ¦ Nails #3 – How to Store your Nail Varnishes!


Hello Bumbletons!

A super speedy Top Tip this evening…

Top Tip for Nails #3 – How to Store your Nail Varnishes…


I personally keep all of my bottles of nail varnish in a big box, making it difficult to see which bottle contains which shade at a glance. To solve this problem, everytime I purchase a new bottle, I cut a small square off of a standard white address label and dab a little of the nail colour onto it. Then, when dry, I peel off the sticker and put it on top of the bottle. Simples!

So, How do you store all of your nail colours? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂

Stay tuned for my Top Tip for Nails #4 tomorrow…

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx