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New Year, New Me!


Good Afternoon Beautiful Bumbletons!

As well as using this space as a place to ramble on about my day to day life activities, review the odd product, and act as a base to look up other bloggers, I would like to start a new series focusing on Health, Fitness and General Wellbeing

My ‘Health’ Background:

Coming into this world at around 9lbs, I was a bit of a big baby but slimmed out to be an average toddler. However, looking back at photos it seems that I have been overweight really from the age of 3.

Now, I have never been what one might call “sporty”. Yup, you guessed it – I was that fat kid at school who dreaded PE lessons and always tried to go for the Javelin or Shot-put slots on sports day!!

I remember once trying to do the 800 metre run on a P.E day aged about 14…. and finished last out of the other 60 girls in my year group. How disheartening.

At 5 ft 10inches, I am fortunate that I have always carried my extra weight fairly well – I have always had curves, albeit them a bit larger than I’d like them to be, however, I wouldn’t say I have ever been really fit and as healthy as I could be!

The Weight Roller Coaster:

So. In September 2011, I weighed 192lbs, joined a gym, ate healthily.. and by April 2012 I was down to about 170lbs… unfortunately, over the past 9 months (most of which were spent fairly stressed out with the start of a new job, moving house twice, dealing with a drug-addicted housemate – who is no longer my housemate! – and a whole host of other family issues) my weight has crept back up to the 190s.. oops!

New Year, New Me:

In all honesty, I am sick of “dieting”. I am fed up of having no self confidence. I envy “sporty” girls and dream of being one of those who participates in numerous exercise related activities (kayaking, kickboxing, even dare I say it, yoga). I aspire to one day be able to do more than 1 proper push up and laugh at the idea of being able to, heaven forbid, actually run a mile!

Therefore, I am going back on the healthy lifestyle wagon, and this time want to make it last!

This is not a diet. It is not a “1200 calories in a day” regime where I’m going to starve myself for 6 months, lose two stone and then pile it back on again. It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. I need to keep this up for the next 70 odd years (I hope!)

Wish me luck, and check back for the rest of this series…

Ciao for Now!

xx Bumble Bree xx