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Top Tips ¬¶ Nails #3 – How to Store your Nail Varnishes!


Hello Bumbletons!

A super speedy Top Tip this evening…

Top Tip for Nails #3 – How to Store your Nail Varnishes…


I personally keep all of my bottles of nail varnish in a big box, making it difficult to see which bottle contains which shade at a glance. To solve this problem, everytime I purchase a new bottle, I cut a small square off of a standard white address label and dab a little of the nail colour onto it. Then, when dry, I peel off the sticker and put it on top of the bottle. Simples!

So, How do you store all of your nail colours? Let me know in the comments section below ūüôā

Stay tuned for my Top Tip for Nails #4 tomorrow…

Ciao for now!

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Top Tips ¬¶ Nails #2 – How to Fix Smudged Nail Polish


Hello Bumbletons!

Picture the scene…

You have carefully chosen the perfect shade of nail varnish to compliment your outfit. You lovingly paint each of your nails with¬†a basecoat, two coats of your chosen lacquer and finally a top coat… and then you get a little bit impatient about wanting to pour yourself a glass of wine and suddenly DISASTER!

You’ve smudged one of your nails, and you really don’t have the time to remove the smudged polish, re-paint the 4 layers and wait for each to dry inbetween!

Fear not РHere is Top Tip for Nails #2 РHow to Fix Smudged Nail Polish

Option 1 – Lick the Smudge!

Yes it sounds crazy, but this works for base coat, second coat or top coat. Gently lick the smudge with the top side of your tounge (just be sensible and don’t lick dripping wet nail varnish please – that won’t taste too good!) until it disappears. Then carry on painting as normal if it was a bottom of middle coat.

Option 2 –¬†Tap with a¬†Finger Soaked in Nail Varnish Remover…

Wet the pad of your index finger on the opposite hand really thoroughly with nail varnish remover.. then gently TAP the smudge until invisible. Note the emphasis on the word *TAP* – lots of quick little dabs should smooth the smudge into oblivion.

Option 3 – Disguise!!

A bit of a stretch, some might say, but is it possible to cover the smudge with a little gemstone, a few sequins (or hexagonal “glequins”?) or a nail sticker? If right on the tip, could you just remove that little but of nail polish and create a half-and-half nail colour look?

Worst Case scenario, Option 4 – Repaint..

Okay, so not ideal, but if it’s just the one nail you could quickly swipe off the nail colour, skip the base coat (naughty, I know) and slick the middle coat back on.

Or Alternatively… How to Prevent Smudged Nails…

Now, as we all know, prevention is better than cure. So, check out my Top Tip for Nails #1 – How To Check If Your Nail Varnish Is Dry… or alternatively, buy yourself a set of these crazy little nails guards…

Before anyone asks, no I am not affiliated with ‘Nails in Motion’, nor do I actually own a set of these.. But I think they look like a hilarious, possibly even genius idea..

Let me know how you fix your nail smudges in the comments section below!

Stay tuned for Top Tip #3!

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Top Tips ¬¶ Nails #1 – How to Check if your Nail Varnish is Dry!


Howdy-diddly Bumbletons!

How often have you seen a really good health or beauty tip and thought “Ohh, I MUST remember that…” and then filed it away into the wicker basket compartment of your mind… whereby it floats away, never to be remembered?.. Well, maybe that’s just me!

Over the past few months I’ve been mentally¬†hoarding¬†lots of tips and tricks… so I thought I would start a little series here, just incase they are of use to anyone else!

Top Tip for Nails #1…. How to Check if your Nail¬†Varnish is Dry.

On far more occasions than I care to remember, I’ve painstakingly painted my nails, waited for what I felt was a reasonable amount of time for them to dry.. and then managed to smudge them! It’s infuriating! Especially if you’re running late..

Well, fear not Bumbletons, I have found a quick and easy test that has never failed me:

Top Tip for Nails #1

1. Take one finger from each hand and tap the two nails GENTLY together (note the emphasis on the word *gently* guys and gals!).

2. repeat this finger by finger (i.e. pinky-nail to pinky-nail, etc, through to thumb-nail to thumb-nail)

Are my nails dry?!

 IF you feel even the slightest little bit of tackiness or resistance, your nails are still ever so slightly wet, sorry! Your nails are DRY when there is no tackiness or resistence.

If you have any more tips for checking that nails are dry, please share away in the comments below ūüôā

Stay tuned for Top Tip #2…

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx