Top Tips ¦ Nails #2 – How to Fix Smudged Nail Polish


Hello Bumbletons!

Picture the scene…

You have carefully chosen the perfect shade of nail varnish to compliment your outfit. You lovingly paint each of your nails with a basecoat, two coats of your chosen lacquer and finally a top coat… and then you get a little bit impatient about wanting to pour yourself a glass of wine and suddenly DISASTER!

You’ve smudged one of your nails, and you really don’t have the time to remove the smudged polish, re-paint the 4 layers and wait for each to dry inbetween!

Fear not – Here is Top Tip for Nails #2 – How to Fix Smudged Nail Polish

Option 1 – Lick the Smudge!

Yes it sounds crazy, but this works for base coat, second coat or top coat. Gently lick the smudge with the top side of your tounge (just be sensible and don’t lick dripping wet nail varnish please – that won’t taste too good!) until it disappears. Then carry on painting as normal if it was a bottom of middle coat.

Option 2 – Tap with a Finger Soaked in Nail Varnish Remover…

Wet the pad of your index finger on the opposite hand really thoroughly with nail varnish remover.. then gently TAP the smudge until invisible. Note the emphasis on the word *TAP* – lots of quick little dabs should smooth the smudge into oblivion.

Option 3 – Disguise!!

A bit of a stretch, some might say, but is it possible to cover the smudge with a little gemstone, a few sequins (or hexagonal “glequins”?) or a nail sticker? If right on the tip, could you just remove that little but of nail polish and create a half-and-half nail colour look?

Worst Case scenario, Option 4 – Repaint..

Okay, so not ideal, but if it’s just the one nail you could quickly swipe off the nail colour, skip the base coat (naughty, I know) and slick the middle coat back on.

Or Alternatively… How to Prevent Smudged Nails…

Now, as we all know, prevention is better than cure. So, check out my Top Tip for Nails #1 – How To Check If Your Nail Varnish Is Dry… or alternatively, buy yourself a set of these crazy little nails guards…

Before anyone asks, no I am not affiliated with ‘Nails in Motion’, nor do I actually own a set of these.. But I think they look like a hilarious, possibly even genius idea..

Let me know how you fix your nail smudges in the comments section below!

Stay tuned for Top Tip #3!

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

Top Tips ¦ Nails #1 – How to Check if your Nail Varnish is Dry!


Howdy-diddly Bumbletons!

How often have you seen a really good health or beauty tip and thought “Ohh, I MUST remember that…” and then filed it away into the wicker basket compartment of your mind… whereby it floats away, never to be remembered?.. Well, maybe that’s just me!

Over the past few months I’ve been mentally hoarding lots of tips and tricks… so I thought I would start a little series here, just incase they are of use to anyone else!

Top Tip for Nails #1…. How to Check if your Nail Varnish is Dry.

On far more occasions than I care to remember, I’ve painstakingly painted my nails, waited for what I felt was a reasonable amount of time for them to dry.. and then managed to smudge them! It’s infuriating! Especially if you’re running late..

Well, fear not Bumbletons, I have found a quick and easy test that has never failed me:

Top Tip for Nails #1

1. Take one finger from each hand and tap the two nails GENTLY together (note the emphasis on the word *gently* guys and gals!).

2. repeat this finger by finger (i.e. pinky-nail to pinky-nail, etc, through to thumb-nail to thumb-nail)

Are my nails dry?!

 IF you feel even the slightest little bit of tackiness or resistance, your nails are still ever so slightly wet, sorry! Your nails are DRY when there is no tackiness or resistence.

If you have any more tips for checking that nails are dry, please share away in the comments below 🙂

Stay tuned for Top Tip #2…

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

Review ¦ Rimmel Metal Rush – Nail Polish


Hello Bumbletons!

Since my ‘Accidental Haul‘ earlier this week, I have been desperate to try out the new Rimmel Metal Rush Polish I came home with.

I picked up a bottle of “Pearly Queen”, and at only £3.99 a bottle, had to restrain myself from buying all four of the set.

Shade No.100, Pearly Queen

Shade No.100, Pearly Queen

Pearly Queen is the least understated of the four shades, however I love the subtlety of the colour combinations. True to the “Flip Your Colour” statement on the bottle, the pearlescent nature of the varnish makes your nails shimmer a purpley pink, then green, then lilac, all with a silvery undertone.

So, ready for this evening, I popped on a slick of “Collection 2000, 2-in-1 base coat” and then applied two coats of Pearly Queen. I finished off with a coat of the ‘Collection 2000, 2-in-1 topcoat” for some extra shine (and hopefully less chipping!).

nails in Pearly Queen

Yet again, Rimmel have produced an excellent quality product – The brush is a generous size (I painted my entire pinky finger nail with one stroke) and combined with a decent thickness of varnish leaves a gorgeous no-streak finish. Whilst the polish is shimmery, I wanted a glossier finish, which was easily obtained with a quick slick of clear topcoat – perfect!

My, oh my! How I LOVE this polish!! I think it’s the perfect touch for a classy New Years Eve look (and if you’re speedy, there is still time to whizz out and grab a bottle before you start getting ready to put on your gladrags for tonight!)

So, have any of the Metal Rush polishes have caught your eye?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

My 2013 “Resolutions”!


Hello Bumbletons!

I saw the lovely Sasha over at ‘Ramblings of a Beauty Bird’ do a post a couple of days ago on her Beauty Resolutions for the upcoming year and it got me thinking about what I’ve achieved in 2012 and what I’d like to do over the next year.



Now, in all honesty, I’m not one to set “New Years Resolutions”. As a teenager, I would write lists of them, pages long, mostly consisting of “Lose weight.. 2 stone by next week…” or “Get fit… run a marathon in February”, all of which would be highly unrealistic, ultimately leading to failure and me feeling rubbish about myself!

So at the end of 2011, I decided to write a “To Do list” of things I’d like to do in 2012 instead… In case you’re interested, they were:

  • Join a gym – try to go at least once a week, to start with! – DONE – some weeks I even go twice… 😉
  • Find a new job (I was a primary teacher and wanted to move into residential care) – DONE.. and I adore my new job!!
  • Move out to my own place (I was living with my parents) – DONE – I moved 200 miles away and have two fab housemates.
  • Go to a proper music festival – DONE – I went to Reading festival with one of my besties, we had a blast.
  • Go to a ‘gig’ of a lesser known band – DONE – My friend bought me tickets to see “Walk Off The Earth” – they’re amazing!
  • Make more of an effort to stay in touch with friends abroad and family back home – ONGOING – I am in love with skype!!
  • Try and work out which clothing styles and colours suit me – ONGOING – Hmm, still working on this, but better than I was.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff! – ONGOING – I used to get really worked up over the smallest things.. that’s a whole ‘other post.
  • Have another holiday abroad  – This is the only one I didn’t manage to achieve, I simply haven’t had the time nor money, but not to worry.. it’s been put onto my 2013 List!

So all in all, I feel pretty good about what I have achieved and experienced this year.. my 2012 To Do list, became my 2012 Ta-Da! List…

So, here is my ‘Ta-Da!’ list for life and beauty in 2013:


  • Go abroad – I need some summer sunshine in my life.
  • See a comedian live – I am in LOVE with Michael McIntyre, he is hilarious.
  • Sponsor a child’s schooling – This will be for a child abroad. I believe every child had the right to education.
  • Look into youth mentoring – I would like to support a child more locally as well.
  • Go to the theatre more often – see another West End show (I would love to see Wicked!)
  • Hit a few of Englands amusement parks – My housemates can’t believe I’ve never been to Alton Towers!
  • Complete the “London Monopoly Board” – visit each of the places on the Original monopoly board
  • Continue working hard in my current job – explore other options within my work place for more responsibility


  • Go to the gym a bit more often.. try to lose the pounds that have creeped on over the winter months
  • Drink more WATER! I am so, so terrible at this – I know when I am dehydrated, my skin (and mood!) really suffers.
  • Be more adventourous with my makeup – a red lipstick or smokey eye never killed anyone!
  • Be brave.. and go to the hairdressers! (I am a total phobic after a terrible haircut when I was 14.)
  • Do a wardrobe overhaul – cull the old, badly fitting items, and replace my “capsule wardrobe basics” with better quality items
  • To remember that this is my body for life – to look after and LOVE it!

So, what are your resolutions, goals or “would like to do’s” of 2013?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

Review ¦ Crest 3D Whitestrips – 2 Hour Express (Single Use)


Hello Bumbletons!

First a little background (dental) history… As a child I had brilliant teeth; I went for regular check ups and have never needed a single filling, bridge or cap. I did chip one of my front teeth falling over once and one of my bottom teeth is slightly wonky (personally I like this – it adds character!), but other than that, my dentist always commented on how great a condition my teeth were in and off I would trot with a big sticker, and ironically, a lollipop!

I brushed my teeth twice a day and had a high calcium diet – admittedly, I did eat a few too many sweets,  but I rarely drank fizzy drinks, and never touched tea or coffee and obviously did not smoke or drink red wine…

Then, as a university student, I started drinking a LOT of Coke…  I told myself I “needed” the caffiene and sugar, and as I have never been a coffee fan, I figured Coca-cola was the next best thing. Suffice to say, my pearly whites, after 3 years of being a coke-swilling-university-student, were not so pearly white!

Since then, I have tried every whitening toothpaste around and my twice-daily dental hygiene routine now includes an electric toothbrush, floss, interdental brushes, and industrial strength mouthwash… but still I felt my teeth were a bit on the yellow side.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was watching one of my favourite YouTube Beauties, TessChristine123, and saw THIS video pop up – in it, she talks about how she whitens her teeth using Crest 3D Whitestrips.

I decided to pop on over to Ebay and buy a single use pack for £6.91 (HERE)… and now here I am reviewing them!

So here are my thoughts on Crest 3D Whitestrips – 2 Hour Express

The Packaging:

My Whitestrips arrived in a little card holder, complete with instruction booklet. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow and underneath is a section for “Frequently Asked Question” to alleviate any concerns users may have. I liked the fact that the strips come in their own, individual foil packet – you could easily bulk buy a few and take them with you when travelling.PRODUCT (3)


In a pack you get two strips – one for your upper teeth and one for your lower set. These are both on the same piece of plastic and are super easy to peel off for application. Crest 3D packaging

To apply, you take a strip (the booklet recommends you do the bottom set first, i.e the shorter strip), peel it from the backing, then align the straight edge with the gumline of your teeth.. like so..APPLICATION (2)

Then you just fold over the top piece (with the triangular notches), repeat with the top strip and wait for 2 hours!


Now let’s be honest – Wearing teeth whitening strips is hardly glamourous… but I was still able to talk on the phone whilst wearing them with no problems and had my housemates seen me wearing them, I wouldn’t have died from embarrassment!


Some of the product reviews I read online, before purchasing the strips, mentioned discomfort whilst wearing the strips and some sensitivity afterwards. Now – whilst wearing, I can honestly say I felt no discomfort at all. Infact, at one point I forgot I was wearing them and made myself a sandwich, oops!  They did make my mouth water quite a lot to start with (gross, I know, sorry!), but after a few minutes this stopped.

However… (bearing in mind I have quite sensitive teeth anyway..) A few hours later, my teeth felt quite sensitive and tingly, as though I was repeatedly biting into an ice lolly. It wasn’t bad enough to prevent me from talking, eating or drinking, but it was a bit annoying and bothered me a bit whilst trying to fall asleep.

I found the top strip was the perfect length and covered all my front teeth and along the sides where my “smile” shows. The bottom strip, however, was a little bit short – I would have liked it to go further around the sides of my teeth, but I suppose the strips are only really meant for the teeth you show when you do a normal smile, which they do.



If I’m honest, I’m a bit disappointed with the results! I took the photos in the exact same lighting – the only difference  is that I was wearing Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Repair Cream on my lips in the “before” photos, hence why they look slightly darker:
before and after Crest 3D

The strips have lightened my teeth a little – I think it’s more noticeable in “Real Life” rather than on screen (apologies for my shocking quality of photo and chapped lips!!). I wasn’t exactly amazed by the results, or rewarded with bright white gnashers as I thought I would be.

Therefore, I have also purchased the “Crest 3D White –  Professional Effects Strips”, which are worn for 30 minutes a day for 14 days. I feel that with a longer period of time, I will have better results – I will review those too!


I give these an overall 5/10.

They were reasonably priced (no more than some whitening toothpastes), easy to apply and had minimal side effects. Whilst I don’t have a blindingly white smile now, I do feel that at least my teeth look properly clean and that the yellowness has been slightly muted.

I think someone who hasn’t abused their teeth with coca-cola for several years (and therefore have lots of staining to overcome) would have better results and I think that for the same price (£6.91) as a couple of drinks down the pub, they’re worth a try!

So, has anyone else had better luck with these strips? Please let me know in the comments below!

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

Haul #1 ¦ The Accidental Haul!


Hello Bumbletons!

This evening I popped into Boots intending to pick up some face wipes.. and left with about £45 worth of goodies, oops! On the plus side, they were mostly things I had on my ‘wishlist’ to buy after hearing rave reviews from other bloggers and had some Christmas money to treat myself with.. so here’s what I hauled:


1 . No.7. ‘Beautiful Skin’ Makeup remover wipes – These are £7.00 for a pack of 30, so I feel these are a real treat to buy, however they were on offer “3 for 2”, so effectively worked out at about £4.60 a pack. I have heard rave reviews about these and after using a couple at a friend’s house recently decided to pick some up.


2.  Rimmel ‘Metal Rush’ nail polish in shade ‘No.100 Pearly Queen’ – Oh my goodness I loved the whole set of these Metal Rush polishes and had to use a great deal of self restraint to stop myself buying all four shades. £3,99 a bottle, can’t wait to try this!

3. Collection (previously Collection 2000) ‘2in1 basecoat’ and ‘2in1 topcoat’ nail polishes – I had to throw out my previous base and top coats last week as they were ridiculously old and gunky, yuck!! £2.99 each.

4. Real Techniques Blush Brush – I treated myself to the R.T. powder brush a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it – so I used a bit of my Christmas money to buy the blusher brush today. Is it a little bit lame that I can’t wait to put my makeup on tomorrow morning and try it out? At £9.99 some might say its a bit overpriced but if it’s anything like the powder brush it will be well worth it. Review to come soon!

5. Collection 2000 ‘Shimmer Shades’ contouring quad – I saw this used by one of my favourite YouTube beauty gurus, Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter (in THIS video, in which she shows her daily makeup routine). I currently use a really old bronzer and some shimmery eyeshadow (I know, shudder!!) to do my contouring/highlighting so thought this looked like a fab product, especially at £4.19!


6. Collection 2000 ‘Lasting Perfection’ concealer – Again, I saw this reviewed online and thought I would give it a try. I paid £4.19 for this too.

7. Rimmel ‘Scandaleyes’ waterproof eyeliner in Nude – Some mornings I am up at 5am for work and no amount of sleep prevents me having red rimmed eyes.. So after seeing Sasha over at Ramblings of a Beauty Bird review it (HERE), I thought I’d pick one up. At £3.99 it wasn’t too pricey!

I am so excited to try out my new treats – Collection 2000 seems to have some really good items at the moment, it’s quickly becoming a staple favourite for basic bits and pieces.

What brands are you finding hard to resist at the moment?

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

Review ¦ Rimmel Precious Stones – Nail Polish


Good Afternoon Bumbletons!

Now, I’ve never really been much of a ‘nails’ kinda gal, but when I saw the ‘Precious Stones’ polishes by Rimmel, I didn’t hesitate in buying both colours – ‘Ruby Crush’ and ‘Diamond Dust’.SAM_0720

At £3.99 a bottle, they’re not too much of a splurge yet feel like a complete luxury. The ‘Ruby Crush’ is my favourite shade and has been perfect for the Christmas holidays.

I used ‘No.7 Stay Perfect’ in the ‘Rose Truffle’ shade as a base coat and then applied a single coat of the Rimmel Precious Stones. It applied fairly evenly, helped I think by the generous sized and tapered shaped brush. I did have to do a little ‘dabbing’ with the brush to evenly distribute the glitter, but in all honesty it only took the tiniest bit of effort.Rimmel_Precious_Stones

I’m really pleased with the result – I’ll let you know how well it wears, whether it chips much and so on, however one of the benefits to glitter polishes is that they are super easy to retouch if you do smudge or chip!


So, now I just need to find the secret to removing glitter nail polishes – the bane of any girls life! Any suggestions?

Ciao for now!

 xx Bumble Bree xx

Bumble’s Bag #1


Hello Bumbletons!

So, to kickstart my blog I thought I would share with you a deep, intimate and slightly dirty insight into the life of Bumble… with a look at the contents of my handbag! 😉

This is what I found, having not cleared out my work handag for over a month… (On top of my usual phone, keys, work ID and purse!)Bumble_Bag_1

1. Stationary – Eight, yes count ’em, EIGHT pens.. And yet I can never find one when I need one.

2. Jewellery  – My cute trinket box containing a few pairs of earrings – Left in my bag after it was taken out for a girls night out!

3. Beauty supplies – A foldaway hairbrush; Pink mirror; A tube of foundation; Facial Powder; and Two identical concealers!

4. Drugstore – Nasal Spray (after a particularly annoying cold!); Tissues; Gum; Antibac hand gel (Can’t live without!); Lemsip and painkillers…

5. Sweet Shop – Sweetie wrappers and a candy cane from the Christmas goodies at work.

6. Hairdressers – Snaps, Grips and Bobbles – These are as elusive as the pens!

7. Current Fave – Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Repair cream – A must have for my bag.. works magic on cracked lips, dry hands, sore noses!

8. Lip Love – FOUR different lip balms and two lip butters… so THAT’S where they’ve all been hiding.

9. Happy Hands – A gorgeous handcream, which smells like dessert – yummy.

10. Odds and Ends – A packaway bag and some winter essential gloves.

11. Work Stowaways- These little critters invade my life – they are picture symbols, used as a communication tool by the guys I work with.

12. Accessories – A spare watch… Just incase my usual one runs off?

Needless to say, I purged the contents and now have a much cleaner, lighter handbag!

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx

Welcome to A Beautiful Bumble!


Hello Bumbletons!

I’m Bree, a 23 year old gal, currently living near to London, in the UK – I’ve only really ‘discovered’ and started using skin, hair and makeup products over the last year in an attempt to look less like I’ve been dragged through a bush on a daily basis.

At 5 ft 10 and with a curvy “eaten a few too many kit kats” figure – or as I like to say at this time of year “Festively Plump!” –  I always used to struggle to find fashion I felt comfortable in (but that’s a whole ‘other blog post!!). However, with a move from “student” to “young professional” this year, I really wanted to stop dressing in clothes that looked wrong on me and started researching what colours, shapes and styles are the most flattering for my body.

I work full time (sometimes 16 hour days) in a care/education based job and have a pretty tight budget to live on, so I tend to be looking for products that are “cheap and cheerful” (i.e. not £25 for a lipstick!) as well as longlasting throughout the day.

Most of what I have picked up along the way has been from watching the odd Youtube video, clicking around on Pinterest and reading Blogs of some fabulous girlies. So I thought I’d hop on the beauty bandwagon and give my two-pence worth to share some thoughts on products I’ve enjoyed and styles I am loving.

In all honesty, most days I don’t have a clue what I’m doing in terms of hair, makeup and wardrobe – so feel free to join me as I enjoy Bumbling along in the world of Beauty.

Ciao for now!

xx Bumble Bree xx